Where I Am At Right Now- Winter thoughts

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Making : lemon curd with Master B's help

Cooking : pizza for dinner

Drinking : water

Reading: library books
Wanting: to order more Project Life album pages

Looking: forward to the school holidays
Playing: cockroach poker with the family
Deciding: what movie to watch for movie night

Wishing: there were more sunshine hours in the day

Enjoying: how excited the boys are about bunny sitting

Waiting: for my #nerdymugrugswap to arrive in the post 

Liking: minions

Wondering: when minions will be on dvd
Loving: the heat of the fire
Pondering: why my bulbs are already up in the garden
Considering: starting another quilt
Watching: my boys play so wonderfully together

Hoping: we can make the most of the school holidays
Marvelling: the ice on our windscreen on mornings of -3

Needing: to wear woollen socks in the mornings
Smelling: lilies

Wearing: gumboots to soccer

Following: the weather forecast as we wait for snow this year
Noticing: the water on the windows

Knowing: we are past the shortest day of the year
Thinking: we need to see more shows
Feeling: so pleased we saw Brooke Fraser live 

Admiring: how beautiful the Isaac Theatre Royal ceilings are 

Buying: project life albums
Getting: impatient waiting for the warmer weather
Bookmarking: recipes for winter
Opening: the fire to put in more wood
Giggling: at the funny things my boys say

Feeling: glad our stormwater is FINALLY connected to the street

You can find the list here
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