...who sank the boat?

have you ever read the book- Who sank the boat?- Pamella Allen?

(its a great book by the way- my boys love it and like to point out it was the mouse before we even start)

I find that in a week/over time it doesn't seem to be one really big thing that gets to me but more a series of smaller events in the week/month that sends you to the point where I find one more thing will be the "mouse that sank the boat" in a way. And when I say it -sank the boat I don't mean a break down (hide under the covers and never want to come out) more the point where things are stacked so high emotionally (with all the other things are being held on to/ trying to be dealt with/ not sure what to do/feel about things) and then one small thing seems to make everything fall (all come pouring out) and everything just seem so unreasonable to deal with and it usually ends with tears or feeling emotionally exhausted.

For me the boat tipping is a good thing. More so everything that was stacked up is usually put behind (moving forward and dealing with something) and having to deal with and it allows not just for more things to be added but a time to look back/ reflect and remember, process, share all the good and bad things that happened and and not get bogged down with all the things that didn't go my way and see things with perspective.

Sometimes I wonder if other people get to the point where they have a "mouse sinks their boat" and what they do to deal with that..... this is my thought for the day.....

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  1. We have this book too. Good to chat yesterday. Always here if you need to unload. Love you Treena. You do an amazing job with your family and are an inspiration to me constantly. Xx

  2. love this book - I so get that when you explode over a small thing is usually when you take stock and realise there have been a lot of big things

  3. The seas sure can get rocky at times, cheers Marie


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