Master W's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Master W's 4th Birthday a few weeks ago now.

enjoying his new duplo
When we got home and back to reality after our holiday it was time for a celebration with his friends and family.

I made some invites before we went away

and made up little gift bags for the children we invited

Gift Bags with a balloon and mini play doh

Master W was very spoilt! I made carrot cake  and mini muffins with cute little toppers- using the coloured card and stickers I used for the invites. In the excitement of the party we forgot to take photos of them and the cake which was covered in Jelly Beans!

We are very glad that it didn't pour down on the day of the party so the children could play outside- the hard part with July birthdays is having a house full of people. It was a great afternoon celebrating my baby turning 4!!

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  1. looks like a very cute day xx

  2. What went in the goodie bags?
    Looks like it was heaps of fun, love the animal stickers!

  3. They had a balloon and little pottles of play doh :D


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