Project Life 2014 Week Eight

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It was great to be able to swap some cards from my mini kits for more 6x4 title cards that I needed and also found a few I liked at spotlight but they are mainly 3x4's.

This week has been a week of weather extreme's- pouring rain and dark skies vs really warm 33+ dregree days. It was fun going on a trip to the beach with school for the boys. This week also marked 3 years on since February 22nd. I put flowers from our garden in our neighbours road cone seemed very fitting as their move in day was the 22nd.

I had fun stamping up the date cards for the next few weeks.

I thought this week I would use one of my allright cards and I wrote on the front and Mr B wrote on the back. I hope that when I look back even in a few months it will be more positive.

Week 8

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