22nd Feb....3 years on

Tomorrow will be the 22nd............this time we are 3 years on from that day that caused such devastation to our city at 12.51pm that took 185 lives.

Photo taken 22nd February 2011 (our car- boot and lights- is the one on the far left under the tree)
I was reading an interesting and very relevant article time to be kind. I feel like we are in the middle- more like we are stuck in limbo land- we have had  repairs done but to a very poor quality of work that has resulted in us making a formal complaint and this then creates more reports that need to be written and waiting for our home to be actually be fixed.
We are still waiting for our sewerage and storm water to be fixed, having to give up fighting our land claim to our damaged land- apparently 3 years on our property looks nice (insert eye roll). We continue to wait for more reports to be written and decisions for be made all beyond our control.

A post card from allright
I was reading my last 2 years posts 2 years on and 1 year on from the 22nd February and remembering all those feelings. 3 years on I have new emotions about it all- stress, worry, frustration, anger, exhaustion and thankfulness.

A lot has changed in 3 years but at the same time some things not at all.
The best thing that came out of us being out of our home last year for repairs was the hexagon quilt (and our new kitchen and wooden floors). This was time spent creating, being productive, satisfying hand work with 343 hexagons made into something beautiful.

I remind myself of all the wonderful things and adventures we have had with last year's 2013 recap and  I find this a good time to look forward to our future, creating memories, trucking on and just enjoying the boys as they are quickly growing up.

Tomorrow at 12.51pm is a time to be still and silent and be ever so thankful for our wonderful  friends, family, neighbours and everyone in our lives who makes each day easier and brighter.

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  1. You are so strong! My best friend in Christchurch went to USA so she was not in the city today. It is taking far too long to fix. hugs.


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