Operation Christmas Child Boxes

Last year we filled 4 boxes for Operation Christmas Child Samaritan's purse. This year our family was all in to fill more!
I am always amazed by peoples generosity, love, compassion and willingness to do for others! Filling these boxes reminded me of the collective power of love! Thanks Miriam for being able to help me get this done!

We invited everyone to contribute to the boxes. I am ever so thankful we can go out and buy new items to fill the boxes and remind the boys that they don't need to be buying something and they already have so much! We as a family filled 4 boxes again this year

Here are a some things we put in the boxes for the different age groups

Girl aged 2-4
t-shirt, tooth brush, puzzle, soft toy, tissues, soap, pencil, balloon, colouring pencils, notebook, headband, hair ties, 

Boy aged 2-4
t-shirt, hat,book, toothbrush, drink bottle, soap, car, comb, bouncy ball, finger puppets, notebook, colouring pencils, balloon

Girl aged 5-9
t-shirt, soap, jump rope, tissues, book mark, tooth brush, notebook, balloon, facecloth, socks, comb, tissues, necklace, underwear, pencil

Boy aged 5-9
pencil case, play-doh, balls, tooth brush, notebook, soft toy, pouch, soap, flannel, underwear, marbles, pens, mask, spin top

Girl aged 10-15
pencil case, pencils, flannel, soap, headband, bouncy balls, pencil, hair ties, note book, marbles, exercise book

Boy aged  10-15
Puppet. rubix cube, toothbrush, t-shirt, book, pencils, sharpener, bouncy ball, soap, flannel, exercise book,

We had great joy making sure each box had what it needed. We made sure that there was both genders and all ages covered.

Its an awesome feeling to be part of something bigger than us. I love that we can be a part for others to receive a box filled with gifts and love! Thanks to the Make Cafe for being an awesome creative space!

We aimed for 30 boxes and 46 boxes are now complete!!!

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  1. You are just so giving, you are definitely an inspiration! I love the 10-15 year old boy box, that puppet would make anyone smile!

  2. Cute! I love the finger puppets!!


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