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I found that setting up an activity centre in the lounge floor made for surprisingly a few hours of creative play for the boys.

I set up the possible activities with everything they would need for creating peg biplanes, painting and finger print art. I was well prepared with plastic on the floor, water, paint, paint brushes, ink, pads, paper, glue, pens and baby wipes. 90% of the items we already had at home. We only spent money on the biplane kits, a new paint brush each a pottle of mini paint from Make.

Firstly I showed the boys how to make a finger print using the ink pads and using a pen created a bird.

The boys loved this simple and easy it was to create a variety of animals, people and vehicles. 

They were able to paint the biplanes and while waiting continue with another crafts I had set up.

The biplanes required my help mainly for helping hold the parts in place before the glue. We were helped along with the sunshine drying the glue quickly.

A very fun afternoon of creating with not too much mess to clean up!
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  1. FUN! Yes we do this in the holidays too - set up a station and let them go! Sounds like you're all having a great holiday :)


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