Drawing a little

One thing I miss since having the boys is the time/creative energy and inspiration to paint and draw. I have found that other things like sewing, crocheting, baking and being creative and crafting in other ways has become so much easier around daily family stuff.
I do make sure we do other craft/creative things with the boys and they love it!

We brought some nice drawing paper and sat down together and drew.....

Master B's pirate map
Master W's banana
my drawing
Is there a craft or something you miss doing?
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  1. I had to do a drawing of a one-point-perspective yesterday for an assignment I was working on, drawing isn't something I have ever managed to master, but just giving myself a chance to sit down for an hour to sketch was pretty fulfilling! It is not often that you sit down, minus electrical equipment to do something quietly, quite a relaxing way to spend a moment!

    :) Hazel

  2. I agree with Hazel, it's peaceful thing to do. I wish I did more often.

    It's lovely. Are those Jovi sticks?

  3. Look at you with all your talents! The thing I miss the most - time! and a little bit of sleep... :)


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