A new friend

To keep the cost down for those out of towners for the weekend we (Christchurch bloggers) had people billeted and stay in their homes. I had Melissa from the best nest come and stay with us while she came to the Bloggers Connecting weekend.

Melissa really appreciated the flannel sheets on the bed. You can see her post here. We have them all year round at our house.

The boys thought having Melissa stay was the best! They had so much to tell her and she was great with the boys- listening and so excited to here all about their day and of course she knows so much about dinosaurs.

I felt very spoilt to get my very own Antler necklace!

I am so very glad Melissa was brave and come to stay and so awesome with the boys and not minding the early morning starts to the day!
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  1. Melissa was so lovely to meet

  2. Yeah for billeting it was such a fantastic idea

    Melissa was so lovely


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