80 squares and many many triangles

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A lovely friend from craft group had a baby last October (this quilt has been a long time coming). I really wanted to make her a quilt for her boy. I knew exactly what I wanted to make (and this amazingly looks exactly like my original drawing)

The fabrics I choose are very modern and not too babyish or all from the same range- just modern bright fabrics. The plan homespun colours break up the prints. The Kona Ash grey is just a beautiful. 

I hand quilted using co-ordinating DMC colours to the fabrics I choose- just enough to hold the layers together and add some visual interest.

I just love how it came together and it's now got a new home 
with little boy who it was made for. A quilt just for him. xx

Last year I made this scrap quilt for another craft group baby.
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  1. Lovely and thoughtful and to be treasured for many years to come no doubt!


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