saying yes

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I've actively been aware of saying yes the past few weeks. 
It 's very easy to say no out of convenience and frustration.

I've of course said yes to some strange and also lots of very normal logical daily requests.

Yes you can wear shorts on a freezing morning
I may feel cold and want you to wear more clothes but you need to feel comfortable

Yes you can feed the cat
responsibility isn't just one time thing, the cat expects to be fed and remembering a few hours late is okay

Yes I can help set up a game
and games have rules and you have to play fair

Yes we can all play hide and seek
and I can't remember the last time I actually played at a park and had so much fun

Yes we can play cricket in the dark
playing together his more fun taking turns and of course you don't get to play when you walk off in a huff

Yes you can wear 2 sets of PJs to bed
they sure are fun to wear but you now know that they made you feel very hot

Yes you can paint just before dinner and using the special paint
I love how you show me the new painting techniques you learnt at school today 

Yes we can sit down together and draw
and no what you create wont ever be the same is mine- we are all different and that makes us unique

Yes you can help bring in the wood
this requires listening where there is a system of doing something while helping someone else

Yes we can rake the leaves into a pile
I know how important simple family traditions are

Yes we can have a family movie night when you have school tomorrow
spontaneously having family time requires a little more forward planning

Yes you can buy and icecream
buying something from someone you don't know is hard and takes skill....eye contact, a clear firm voice, awareness of money and using manners is all a learnt skill

I can clearly see the mess free and a much quicker and more efficient way to do most things and yes sometimes the ten million times I've repeated my self makes me right but these are all teaching moments.....

Fun is to be had with a yes. 

And no I'm not throwing all caution and boundaries to the wind.

I'm just taking more time to be aware of all the possible yes moments. Teaching moments. Watching and enjoying my boys grow and learn and become independent moments.
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