I've got a stack of old albums

Ive got a stack of family photo albums with many photos from my childhood. They have been sitting in storage container in the garage with my name on it for a few years now.

Many of the albums are looking a little worse for wear....but I guess that's what you get for an album more than 20 years old.

I do love looking at old photos and reminiscing about all the old memories.

I came across a marching album- does anyone remember those albums where you peel back the plastic and sort of stick the photos down and press the plastic back down....well I have an album from 1994 containing all my marching photos.....the album is only 21 years old! 

 I did a big order from Craft house when they were having a sale the other week. New albums and page inserts. 
Most the the photos are 6x4 but there are many large photos so I had to get crafty with the pages I brought.

I need to figure out the best way for a few hundred + photos to me to transfer the information written on the back of frames and put all the photos in some sort of order.

I'm off to get started all the albums upon albums that await me. 

And I'm still chugging along with my weekly Project Life pages- I just love how much the boys love to see photos and reminisce over the years.

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  1. I am happy to help! Did you still need a photo labelling pencil?

  2. You could scan them with a digital camera - easier than a desktop scanner, and also avoids the hassle of removing photos from albums and replacing them after scanning. If you have an iPhone or iPad, try Pic Scanner app: Scan 2 pictures at a time, it separates and saves them automatically.


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