Our holiday...at home!

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Today is Waitangi Day so it means a long weekend for us.

We want to be making great memories for the boys so we went on holiday camping......in our back yard! (Our poor grass is looking worse for wear after having the tent on it for 2 days) The boys helped us set up- quickly got their beds set up and played most of the afternoon away.

The boys helping Mr B set up the tent

Master W looking impatient

Master B sweeping the tent out

Master B and Master W all set up for bed

I set up for bed- with actual bedding!

We had a bbq for dinner the first night
The boys really enjoyed camping- taking out all their blankets and toys. We read books and coloured in before bed. It was surprisingly light  in the tent even late at night. Was nice to still have the comforts of home- shower, toilet, fridge, oven etc. but also to be able to hear the cars, birds, rain and of course enjoy the silence (if you ignored the snoring and sleep talking from two little people!)

We will have to do it again soon!!
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