A few funny things happened today

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While I was sewing today the boys were enjoying watching me so I asked them if they wanted to do some sewing. I got them a blunt large needle and thread each. They did so well!!!

Me and the overlocker

Master W getting the hang of it

Master B 

Master B figured out running stitch

Master W with his concentrated face on
 I follow this blog and I am inspired about ‘Becoming the Mama I Want to Be’ -  ‘B.M.W.B’ and being aware, treasuring the small things and making an effort with the boys as well as all the other things I do with the boys in the week like- play doh playing, train track building and fixing, book reading, drawing and colouring in, being a bike riding helper, having two helper chefs and taste testers when I bake (not trying to do it quickly alone), taking photos of them and allowing them to take photos of anything. I wanted us to be doing a few more things as a family and I love the idea of each one of us having a book to write draw/ scribble in etc. one night in the week after dinner. Mr B seemed the most unsure about this- but got into the swing of it and I just doodled more quilt ideas!

Our books

Master B's awesome drawing!

For me, its reminding myself to not sweat the small stuff like letting the boys explore and walk a few feet ahead of me while we walk with the dog (it was hard work but worth it for the fresh air) and  the boys helped feed Sago. Master W got the bowl, grabbed a spoon (soup ladle) and got her can of food and started scooping it from the can- I am holding the can and the bowl while he scoops- I couldn't help but laugh the whole time. Master B thought he could scoop/ ladle also so he had a go. Then we counted out biscuits- they were very generous!

Left Hexagon 1 1/2 inch- Right Hexagon 1/2 inch
I thought I was doing so well ordering more hexagons. The ones I use at the moment are 1 1/2 inch and I ordered what I thought was 150 more. I was wrong! The small 1/2 inch ones arrived. I had to laugh- Silly me!! I have found someone who has a use for hexagons that cute and tiny!!

On a side note- Here is my Hexagons quilt progress and the cute brown one at the bottom of the picture below I got made at Tuesday night craft night.

Hexagon quilt growing

Back of hexagons
 Not sure if its just me but I *heart* how the underside looks with the brown Hexagons and all my hand stitching!

Craft Swap materials for February's swap- Valentines Cards

This week seems to be finishing projects and resisting starting anything new and I'm super excited to be camping in our yard this weekend. I get the luxury of the toilet, shower, kitchen and don't have to drive anywhere! 

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  1. Miriam is such an inspiration isn't she! I had a go at sewing with my 3 year old today as well. She got really into it, so I am definitely going to have to dream up a wee sewing project for her- love your wee boys' looks of concentration!


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