Our Wedding Anniversary

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October the 22nd is our 5th Wedding Anniversary!!!!

Here are a few Wedding photos from our day. I have the most wonderful husband!!!

We make it a priority every year to celebrate our anniversary and also give gifts. But after all the aftershocks places to stay  are either booked/expensive or a lack of places to stay as people are still coping with all the Christchurch aftershocks (which we are still having and we had a 5.5 the other week) and I really don't think we could leave Master B or Master W for more than a day anyways...so this year we are taking some time out as a family.

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  1. it was such an honour to spend the day with you on your wedding! Love you guys - you are a beautiful couple and we miss you both (plus 2 gorgeous boys!)
    xxx Nick and Ali (and James)


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