The past week and Crafty swap

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Crafty swap for October has started. We have started with Coasters. I have send fabric, buttons (that match the fabric) and ribbon to my person for this month and I have received this fabric from another.

I am currently hand stitching on the lace/ribbon on to the brown fabric before sewing together my blocks

I have also been doing a lot of circle quilt looks like this, just needing to iron the binding and sew it back on- the way I like doing binding.

circle quilt
and need to start unpicking the quilt for Master B but need to wait till I have the patience to do it.

On a happier note I brought some more fabric from Sew Pretty

Now to get started on another quilt at craft Tuesday night for a friend. Here are the fabrics I am starting with!

Lets hope for a productive week!

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