I may have planted an orchard

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I am currently moving all the plants that keep getting flooded every time it rains for more than a day to higher ground. I am finding the time in the garden very relaxing and rather productive.

The raised garden beds out the front seem to be doing the trick keeping everything inside them up out of the water and of course they work well as soccer goals.

I brought a few (maybe closer to 10) fruit trees and have planted them around our garden. Our grand total of fruit trees to date is 17 (this does exclude fruiting plants like strawberries/blackcurrants/passion fruit)  and a big whoo for successful planting as they are already starting to blossom. I'm looking forward to everything growing and flowering 

now to be patient for fruit.

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  1. I'm envious of your orchard! All that deliciousness you'll have at hand! Good job :)


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