winter is done!

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Whoo! Its the last day of winter. This is how I've survived winter

I brought new sheets. Mr B asked if I thought they were "loud"- haha!

having our awesome fire

and the firewood looks pretty awesome stacked up thanks to Mr B

cleaning the floors with baby wipes

Lots of gardening

buying a bright pink scarf

Investing in a kindling cracker

and yes it's well worth the money spent- the boys can use it  and there's no chance of fingers being axed off!

making quilts and crafting

knitting socks for the boys

finding snow boots at the op shop for $7 in my size and colour

creating awesome memories 

spending quality time with Mr B

and finding every ounce of sunshine I can!

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  1. Yay for Spring! well done on surviving winter :) here's to more sun!!!


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