knitting socks on two needles done!

I made a start knitting socks on 2 needles few months ago. 

Once I found my knitting groove they started to grow quickly. I am now loving my stitch counter- makes counting so much easier!!

I had to change needle sizes after I turned the heel (figured this out once  I have finished one sock- had it stitched together and it was way to tight around the foot- argh!!!!) Turns out I knit with tight tension. The rib and all the way to the heel were perfect in the size 2 3/4mm needle and after the heel I changed to a size 3 1/4mm needle.

I have also adjusted my knitting technique (the way I hold my needles while knitting/purling) thanks Nana! who would have thought a simple adjustment of technique would make such a difference in my speed and efficiency.

I'm so glad I made the adjustment and finished the socks cause they fit and they are both exactly the same size!

Master B wouldn't adjust the socks and pull one up for the photo.  They are just adorable with one not quite pulled up.

I've now made a start on Master W's socks and have started them on the 3 1/4mm needles from the beginning. Off to knit one row, purl one row.

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  1. I love knitting socks ! But haven't seen this method .. .. .. I'm onto my second pair and second sock


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