blue 6th birthday party

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This year I didn't go for a themed birthday party for Master W's 6th birthday.

Previous years I have gone with a Farm theme for the 3rd birthday, Animal theme for the 4th bithrday  and a Superhero theme for the 5th birthday .

This year I just choose a colour which happened to be blue and ran with it and made it easy and simple.

It was really fun making little toothpick flags with washi tape.

I used small paper bags  and filled them with a few lollies and larger bags with popcorn.

Since it was wet and cold I planned a few inside activities. We coloured in and made masks and the kids were very happy playing lego.

I brought a cake and used a spiderman lego set as a decoration with blue and white candles.

Such a fun day filled with cake, friends and family.

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