school holiday recap

Our school holidays have been fun. We have been keeping busy. And I may have cleaned my share of vomit over this time also (and no I didn't take photos of vomit) .There has been lots of photos of silly faces

lots of lego building and playdates

We celebrated Mr B's birthday

We enjoyed the Brick show

We ventured out into the Museum at night with torches

The boys created with clay

We had fun with straws

The boys enjoyed an hour of Kite making

We all went to the Theatre

We celebrated Master W's 6th Birthday and it was very blue

A fun filled two weeks! 
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  1. The museum at night - wow super cool
    Not so cool re the vomit tho

  2. Hope you're all feeling better and recovered! looks like an action packed but happy holiday x

  3. Looks like an action packed and fun holiday! Hope you're all feeling a lot better x


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