a quick train track fix

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I brought a bag of wooden train track on our Op-Shop day. I was pretty happy with my purchase given how expensive the track is to buy new.

I got it home to find that 20 or so tracks were missing the male end that hold to tacks together (argh!!!). I had a look on-line and found that no one sells the male end for track- they just come on the track.

These are the male ends we already had on our assortment of track.

A few helpful suggestions later- sticky velcro was the winner!

I brought 1/2 metre of tan coloured adhesive from Spotlight for $4.95.

A very simple and cost effective solution to track missing the male ends. I just cut a small amount to fit the ends.

So simple and effective. It holds the track together with enough stick and can also be taken apart easily when you need to change the track layout.

Now the track has been added to our bucket of wooden trains ready to be played with. Simple!

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