Beginning a Wedding Quilt

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Last year I came across this in my google reader Wedding Quilt and I just LOVED the idea of celebrating a wedding with not just pots/pans bakeware but a hand made quilt!

My brother is getting married December this year and I made a start on their Wedding Quilt

I had no real idea of where to start but I got a bargain on Trade Me where I came across a listing for off cut 2'' squares of black and white fabric. This is where I began. Making a few hundred 9  2''square blocks and the same size block of plain fabric. I am incorporating black and white while mixing her style, very pink and girly and my brother who works with diggers and trucks.

One block 

Ironed stack of 3 block strips before they become a block

Blocks of fabric
Here is a photo of the strips (not yet ironed) I have made so far

Close up

I am in the process of sewing together more 13 blocks wide with 2 inch wide black strips between each block. Just 7 more to do.

Will keep you posted with progress photos. Would love to hear your thoughts :D
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