Wedding Quilt progress- quilting and binding

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Binding all Ironed

Me quilting

It took me less time than expected to machine quilt the quilt. I had expected it to take a few months and a boat load of thread. I was right about the thread, only 350 mtrs + of black gutterman thread and I also used this thread and really enjoyed using it and loved the quality- pity I used the whole spool in one sitting. Time to buy some more!
So machine quilting it myself only took a few nights- and really only that many as I ran out of thread and was stuck at home because of the snow. I choose in the end to do  basic lines horizontally and then sew down the side of each square. In doing this no black thread in on any of the blocks.

Its simple and doesn't take away from the detail in the middle of the quilt. Binding is basic black and then a simple back and white print from a fat quarter. I am feeling rather proud of mysaelf to have quilted it all myself on my machine.

Thank you sewing machine for being so faithful In helping me with this huge project!
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