Quilting, stitching, painting!

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This quilt is a gift for a friend. Looking forward to getting it quilted and the binding on. I hand stitched some words on basic cotton and added them at the end. Words like- smile, family, friends, hope, love.
Front quilt

Close up

Close up

Close up

Quilt for Kathy is now quilted and waiting for binding. Love how it looks and love the pattern on the back!

Quilt front

Quilt back

Close up back

I started our Christmas tree skirt. Its very green and red (Christmas tree theme this year) I used the blocks I had made for the table runner but decided they looked better here!

Tree skirt

Advent pots with numbers

Font used
I printed out a sheet of numbers 1-25 then used charcoal on the back and a fine pen and drew over the numbers and it transferred the number. Used black acrylic paint to paint on the numbers. Easy and it looks consistant and pretty!

Our christmas cards are coming along! Still lots to do but should have all 60 made up this week.

Hooray for productivity!!!

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