Its Valentines Day

I made cards for Valentines Day- one for my wonderful husband and two beautiful boys. It was using stuff sent in a crafty swap for Valentines from a friend

Mr B's card

Small cards for Master B and Master W
Me and the boys had a Valentines Day morning tea with with lots of other Christchurch bloggers organised by makeitgiveit and acquired some new fabric and cute socks and of course got to chat and have yummy baking! I made Chocolate chip biscuits and I received Lemon Squares in the swap.

fabric and socks

Lemon Squares
I made sure I took some photos of me with my boys today

Me with Master B

Me with Master W

the boys built an awesome train tack

My wonderful husband!!!
Mr B made us a roast pork for dinner with roast was so yummy and then we got to eat Peanut butter and Toblerone Fudge and Apricot Slice for craft night- it was a good things to have others share the yummy food. It was a great day and it reminds me of how wonderful our family is!! 
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  1. Sure looks like it was a LOVEly day! You are a super mamma!

  2. Was lovely to meet you and your boys yesterday, glad you had fun. Hope you join us again soon.


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