A whole year has passed

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I can't really remember town before February 2011 anymore. Can't really remember what was in the blocks between streets now just car parking or nothing. Strange to think that we visited town regularly and Mr B worked in town on Cashel Street. I feel lots of mixed emotions remembering back now.

We (me and the boys) were in town on February 22nd 2011 driving home from a friends house after a play date that morning. Since I had gotten lost on my way to Dallington (red zone) I drove home back down Avonside Drive through town down Kilmore Street. The aftershock of magnitude 6.3 struck at 12.51pm as we were driving past the Convention center and the Christchurch Town hall when I thought I had blown a tyre as the car started rocking from side to side, looking back and seeing buildings fall, people running from buildings, watching glass on the convention centre windows buckle, the ground still shaking. I had both boys in the car with me, Mr B was at work on Cashel Street.

We waited through every aftershock and the liquefaction that came up that afternoon in town for what seemed like forever -waiting for Mr B to find us where we said we were in my initial and only txt that got through to him. I was so thankful I had the nappy bag with water, food, colouring in book, jackets, pram, carrier in the car that morning. I had a woman ask me if I was ever a girl scout. She made me smile. I felt were prepared for most things at that point. I have never been so glad in my life to see Mr B than I was that day. He had frantically been searching for us.

We left the center of town and walked home together- our family. To arrive home I think was the mouse that sank the boat for me that day. I cried. It felt so silly to think others had lost their lives, homes, lively hoods. we just had liquefaction and a cracked house. The neighbours chimney had fallen in their roof- ours was still standing, we were surprised as hadn't seen much damage down Lincoln Road- just traffic backed up. When we turned into our street. There was just piles and piles of liquefaction. I shoveled for days to clear it and put it on the street and was very glad my parents had water and power. We stayed with my parents the first night watching the news to find out what was happening- I couldn't sleep. We had Mr B's parents arrive a few days later for Master B's birthday and a wedding in Dunedin. I felt like we were in survival mode- really unprepared for the boiling of water, no flushing, no showering or washing.

Today we remember the 185 who lost their lives and rejoice in the strength and love of friends, neighbours and strangers and the resilience of our children who play earthquakes with their blocks and build things back up again.

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  1. Hey,
    Just wanted to say that I have been encouraged by the way you & B have walked during the past 12 months. I know your boys are deeply blessed with the strength you have shown. Have been thinking of you all today.


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