where did my week go?

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I haven't touched my sewing machine in over a week. I have gotten a few other things done like dropping Master B off for his first day of school on Monday morning. No tears from either of us (very proud Mum moment). He has taken to it like a duck to water!

Master B on his first day of school

I have been slowly working on my Hexagon quilt... Loving the colours and really love the back.

Hexagon Quilt

Back of Hexagon quilt

I brought some new fabric from Sewpretty...its really nice- excited to sew something!

New fabric

I made Carrot cake for the last day of February (very cool we get an extra day in the year) also note to self - dont make Carrot cake when grumpy- it was looking pretty sad. It did taste nice with the icing and dinosaur sprinkles.

Carrot cake
Am enjoying the one on one time with Master W during the day and we are settling into the school routine in the mornings.
Master W playing with the trains
 The week feels like it has flown. I am in need for more sleep and it might give me a little more patience and have me drink less coffee.

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  1. Your hexies are taking shape beautifully. Can't wait to see the finished result!


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