bunting season- part one

Buntings seem to be "in season" at the moment. All over pintrest and craft magazines. I have made small doll quilts with buntings- more so I could have an excuse to use pinking shears.

I have had a friend ask me to make a quilt for her daughters birthday *excited*. She really liked the small doll quilts I had made so my starting point easy and its really fun cutting larger triangles.

After buying and washing and drying 5mtrs of cream homespun fabric to add to the 1.2mtrs I already had. I made a start on the back and front- the photos of the quilt are side on. This quilt is 1.5m x 2m approx at the moment and I am using 100% cotton batting.

Front  missing the buntings


and I started sewing on the 34 buntings I had cut out.......


loving all the colours!

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