a new top

I found this tutorial and I had some grey jersey knit sitting in my fabric box that I picked up at an op shop a while ago for under $1 a perfect amount for a slouchy fitted top! I have a top already in my drawer but I find the length the be shorter than I would like it to be.

my basic shape cut

This was a super quick make taking less than 2 hours including over locking, adding cuffs, making a label and double stitching the hem and the neck and it fits perfectly!

finished product

I added cuffs
me wearing it (photo taken by Master B)

My label

I made a few changes when making the top
  • I used a slouchy top I already had that fit for the basic shape no less guess work
  • I didn't cut an extra band- just made the top length longer and stitched in a hem
  • I didn't leave the sleeves open and baggy- I added my own cuffs using off cuts of the fabric
  • I didn't add binding for the neck, just added an extra inch around the neck folded over twice and top stitched.
This was super easy and want to make more in different colours!!

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  1. That looks fab on - you should link in to Wardrobe Weds and then remix your top for the rest of the month. Such a good fit.

  2. What a cute top! I should watch you make one so that I can attempt to do one myself.


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