the weeks happenings

Over the weekend the temperature had started to get a little on the cold and frosty side. We ventured out into town wearing jackets, hats and mittens to see what other buildings had been demolished since we last visited.

Cashel Street

Boys watching cranes

we found a large pile of leaves!

my family 

such a familiar sight

For me it was sad to see more of town gone and lots of vacant lots. It makes it hard to remember what once was there. The Crowne Plaza (was corner of Kilmore/Durham Street) is now just a big pile heaped of rubble with a digger parked on top. We had stayed one wedding anniversary and for me in the front of it where there was a large garden with a clock in it where Mr B proposed in 2006 - that too now is piled high with rubble and stones. The wonderful thing is we still have those memories even if the place is no longer the same.

Since it has been getting colder the last few weeks It was time that I made Master W a new wheat bag (Master B vomited on his old one last year and it accidently went through the wash and then got binned) so it was time for a new one with a removable cover and since I was already making one I made myself a new one where the wheat doesn't smell roasted (I had accidently put it in the microwave without a cup of water)...opps!

our wheat bags

my wheat bag- envelope opening

Master W's one

On Sunday night Mr B made dinner for our monthly date night and he made Caesar Salad and Lemon Meriange Pie. It was so nice to get the boys off to bed and have dinner alone to enjoy a movie and yummy food...the only problem is that it was over 2 hours past our normal dinner time and you end up so hungry!!

Since my wrist still isn't 100% better (have another physio appointment next week) I thought I would make a start on a project I dont need to finish till December. I choose my fabrics today for my Christmas Quilt.

Christmas fabrics

Hexagon quilt is slowly growing

I am excited to start making the Christmas quilt. But first I need to make a start on May's Craftsy Block of the month now I have some more fabric in the range I am using.

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  1. Love that photo in the leaves and I know what you mean about normal eating time we are so hungry at 5pm at our place!

  2. Hi Treena! didn't REALLY get to speak to you tonight - but - YOU HAVE TWO KIDS!? Whoa Mama, you look fab!

    Hope we get the chance to see each other again soon, in the mean time, see you on the blog! :) x


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