the week past

The dumping of snow we had last week is all gone but the boys did manage to make a snow dog before it all melted.

The boys made a snow dog

I had an appointment with the hand clinic the earlier in the week. The assessment didn't tell me much more than the physio had apart from how much strength I don't have in my right hand but I now am feeling a little like Iron man with the strap thing on my wrist and elbow. I have another appointment in the week so hoping to make some progress.

work in progress

I did make the cutest we hat and scarf for for a doll that will soon be gifted for a friends little girls 1st Birthday.

winter hat and scarf

I did make Sago a cute we pouch so the plastic bags are not attached like this anymore....

lead with bags attached

new pouch on the lead

Here's hoping for a more productive week next week.

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  1. That pouch is CUTE! Sago will be the coolest dog on the block. Hope your hand gets better, do you have exercises to do?

  2. I keep hoping it will get magically better- more so I could be making/doing more. No exercises yet- more don't use it at the moment wear the strap thing and rest.


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