Bloggers get together

One thing I am really enjoying about Christchurch is community. And I am noticing how everyone knows someone who knows someone I know....its a small world (or small Christchurch in this case) and the great thing I have found with blogging- everyone is so lovely!!

It was organised that we (Christchurch bloggers would meet up) at Crafty Christchurch

our photo together

us having a drink together after our look through

It was a great evening meeting the people who you all know a fair amount about after reading their blogs and seeing all the exhibitors and browsing through fabric and crafty things. 

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  1. Great to meet you - and I will be sending you the Travelling Stash Box soon!! (give me a couple of weeks to organize it in between hospital shifts)

  2. Oh that would be so fun! Wish I could figure out how to do that in Perth!

  3. Always nice to spend time in your company and hear you talk about your family and your crafty endeavours

  4. So great to spend more time with you!

    Hope the kids weren't screaming when you got home ;)



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