my days as a mum

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There are many days when all I feel like I do is get jobs done and don't stop and play and enjoy and there are other days where I can accomplish anything the day throws at me.... but there are moments I am glad I have the camera close to capture priceless moments with my boys.....

Like this one where all he wanted was to show me the spaceship

We can create and build anything from dulpo, lego, blocks

I end up with far more washing than expected after the boys found that dirt+water = fun!

We have an awesome garden and loads of space for the boys to play and I also get beautiful flowers to pick

Sometimes I wish the back yard wouldn't flood and make a lake but then the boys wouldn't have endless amounts of water to play in for hours at a time

I get to see how creative the boys are when they build things to show me

Its handy to have someone on the other side of the door to let you in when you thought it was a good idea to take a photo only wearing your socks on the front door step

I never eat lunch alone and sometimes we find Wally at the same time

Its always fun until I can't find Woof and then its just frustrating!

Moments like this make me smile and realise how much they look like Mr B

I am really good at creating roads and houses in an afternoon

My boys can play so well together just as long as they are back from their boat trip before dinner

I love wearing my gumboots like the boys do but sometimes its more because the back yard is under water and I need to get to the clothes line

My boys like to dress them selves and I often get asked why they are wearing shorts this time of year- I really dont mind as long as they are dressed

I love that that they are interested in craft and can create the most amazing drawings and models made of card, paper and stickers

They even can do puzzles well and help me out when I find them hard

They always seem to find the most fun uses for the washing trolley

I am just glad we can recycle all the tiny bits of cut up paper they can make in a short amount of time

There is never a dull moment with my boys!

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