Loved the school holidays

I really do love the school holidays. Time with the boys and Mr B and I could wear my pjs all day and no one would know!

Mr B and myself took the first few days and had some time out alone and went to Akaroa

Us overlooking Akaroa
Mr B's parents came to stay and did an awesome job with the boys while we were away.

The boys got hair cuts



We enjoyed the sunshine

We went to on a road trip to Dunedin and the boys just love it on the farm!

we got dressed up for a wedding celebration in Dunedin.

Me and my wonderful husband
Once we got home and caught up on the washing after the weekend. We spent a day at Orana Park with school friends

Its was a  busy and fun school holidays. It was great making memories with the boys and as a family!

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  1. Such happy times! Great to see you making the most of the holidays.

  2. I'm a school holidays hair cut Mama too !! !!
    Loved your family photos


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