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With my first market  done, my talented friend  decided it would be a good idea to do two markets on the same day but with the plan to split our stuff and each do a market - I would do the New Beginnings market  and her the Encraftment Market 

We did a table layout a few days before and also prepared for plan B- as rain was forecast for the day and the New Beginnings market was outside.

table set up a few days before

After only having 3 hours sleep and a child unwell I got up Saturday sleep deprived, drizzle, a hint of clear sky and large dark rain clouds rained cats and dogs that day! You can see a photo here of the New Beginnings Market.

We used plan B and both were at Encraftment market

plan B table layout

It was a good day if you minus the rain and not being able to do a market due to the weather *sad face*. New Beginnings will be back again on the 1st December!

I have a few things left listed on felt 

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  1. That is such a brill idea to split the markets up!! Total shame it rained for new beginnings, hopefully dec 1st will prove to be "summer"



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