Paper Craft- Cats

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We borrowed the book - 365 Things to do with Paper and Cardboard from the library.

I have been encouraging both boys to be involved and take part in craft and be creative and its been great to see them use materials and not feel like that have to use a pattern and just have fun.

Master B is naturally very crafty and will sit down and make things from anything he can get his hands on!

Master B made a box with a handle

Master W like to watch and copy anything I am doing. I have now invested in two small hoops so they can both be doing something at the same time.

Master W's stitching project

I sat down with Master B and we looked at the pictures and using what we had around the house (glue stick and small paper squares) and we made paper cats.

two finished cats

Master B's 3 perfect finished cats

my finished cats

It was really fun and quick activity ripping paper and making cats. We are thinking about ordering this book or something very similar as a Christmas gift! Looking forward to doing another page from the book soon!

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  1. Always lovely to see new ideas of what to try with the kids


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