Our Family Christmas Advent Calender

Last year I created our very own advent pots. I have had really positive feed back about the pots from people who visited and saw them and also other bloggers with children and so many excited families ready to create their own. You can check out Miriams here.

Here are some photos of us making family advent memories...

Day 1- Decorate Christmas Tree

Day 3- Decorate new decorations

Day 4- make (in our case buy) cards and give to friends

Day 5- Write a letter to Santa

Day 9- Get a family Santa  photo

Day 10- Make and decorate Christmas biscuits 

Day 16- Play games as a family 
Its been great doing something each day!!
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  1. Such lovely ideas
    And really a simple thing to do

  2. Oh I totally love the Christmas biscuits (and thanks so much for the gorgeous Christmas card too!!) X


Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading them!

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