Kindness Day

It's nearly here- NATIONAL KINDNESS DAY!!

It all started with the Sisterhood. This Saturday 16th February is National Kindness day. A day to be a part of your community, be aware of others, share some love and be purposeful with kindness.

I am still trying to decide what to do. Waiting for some inspiration! I plan on posting on Facebook and and blog post about what I  finally decide on.

If you have any ideas please share- leave a comment or the Facebook page.

I do hope this inspires you to do something for someone else!
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  1. Awesome! I'm still finalising ideas, but:
    ~ baking for the local maternity hospital (new mums and staff)
    ~ leaving a good book at the local bus stop
    ~ leaving a small-value book voucher attached to a kids' book at a bookshop (a book my son can choose with me)
    ~ leaving chocs or baking in random letterboxes in my area
    Have fun!!!

  2. If there is someone behind me at the checkout with one item I offer to add it to my shopping. Backfired on me the other day when the lady who had one item said she wanted to go before me as I had more than her.


Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading them!

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