Making time together

After doing our marriage course we now make time one night every week for date night. This had become habit for us and now- Sunday night date night now just automatically is part of the week and really a nice end of the week and much needed time together.

(This has worked for us- setting some guidelines to date nights makes it more fun- no cell phones or phone calls, no work, no craft, and ideally no talking about children or the appointments or tasks for the next day/week or nagging about tasks that haven't been done and no excuses for not having the time)

Mr B and Me!

Date ideas at home

* Make dinner together (this has been meals we enjoy that we wouldn't make with the boys)
* Do a Puzzle together (we do a puzzle swap with the library)
* Rent a movie (or borrow a movie) and pop popcorn
* Have a dessert night- this can be as simple as making something from a cook book together or pick something up from the supermarket
* Eat dinner with having candles and the table set
* Go to bed early
* Read something to each other (take turns reading chapters or pages of a book)
* Breakfast in bed
* Order dinner and have it delivered
* Games night (pull out some cards or a board game)
* Write a few questions each- and read and answer each question (here are some examples for conversation starters and they can be random or serious)
  • What would like you like to accomplish this week/month?
  • What has been your favourite date since we have been married?
  • If you had a day alone what would you do?
  • What is your favourite song at the moment?
  • What is your favourite movie of all time?

Date ideas for going out

* Go for a walk together around the city
* Drive somewhere you wouldn't normally go
* Go out for dessert and share what you order
* Go to the beach
* Go for a suggested walk in your city
* Pack a picnic basket and go for brunch/lunch/dinner
* Go Rock climbing/ Mini golf/ bowling

At the end of the day making a conscience effort to spend time and talk to each other is the main goal of date night. As we have found that things like children, family, craft, money, unfinished projects and lots of other things get in the way and become easy excuses not to do things together. The time spent together now builds a healthy marriage relationship and creates wonderful memories together to remember and look back on.

Would love to hear any ideas you have for a date night or things you have done to spend quality time together!

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  1. GREAT post Creative Mama, I'm inspired to start this and really need and want this for the 2 of us. I've been meaning to initiate date night for a long time but needed some ideas, the hardest thing is not talking about the everyday stuff. Thank you

    1. Love to hear how you get on with your date nights!

  2. Good for you. Doing silly stuff together is something we really enjoy too... not that i can think of any of them now!

  3. Replies

  4. A great idea! Now that we have a 14 year old we can run away whenever we want legally now, but do not do it much at all! We should! Lots of great ideas.

    1. Hehe- you should!! Enjoy having the freedom. Ours are 4.5 and nearly 6...we are a wee way off 14!

  5. Love your date night ideas - it's something we need to make more of an effort to do. We sometimes meet for lunch on a Friday while Mr Mischief is at daycare. And while my Mum's here we are getting some couple time but I must make sure we make time once she's left. Thanks for the ideas :-)


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