FAMILY HOLIDAY!!!! I do enjoy the sights and sounds of a new exciting place. Warmer weather and the wonderful friends and family we visited along the way.

Master B and Master W

I can pack the 4 of us into 2 bags only 13kgs each! And then we each had a backpack. I packed the boys backpacks with activities- colouring in, cars, card games and food and of course their car seats had to come with. Its a good thing on the way home we had 20kgs each of luggage allowance.

The awesome thing about Sydney is all the different things for boys to enjoy.......

Train Maps of the City
Riding the train
Boats at Circular Quay
Iconic Buildings- Sydney Opera House
Diggers in Circular Quay
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney MonoRail
Boats and a Submarine at Darling Harbour

Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse
A perfect array of boys things as well as the adventure of a new city and many different ways to travel!
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  1. What fun! I love your new sidebar pic too!

  2. Does this mean you are home now?

  3. looks awesome. You home yet?

  4. Fun!! Good job on the packing too :) and loving your new piccie!


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