stain removal power!

I wondered what I could use to easily get the stains out of Master B's clothing. I had a few suggestions from friends after showing them the top.

I thought I would try something simple- sard soap. Just a plain looking block of white soap that you can pick up for a few dollars at the supermarket. After getting the top wet with warm water, rubbing in the soap I found a soft nail brush and scrubbed the stains.

covered in soap before the scrubbing
The nail brush worked so well (I was feeling a little amazed at this point). It moved all the dirt, grass and food out of the fabric with the help of the soap and water.

The downside to this method was using my muscles to scrub and the time it takes to make sure all the stains are out BUT its ever so satisfying watching all the stains disappear!!

So now Master B has a clean school top. I put it in the wash with all the other clothes and I don't have to now think "how on earth am I going to get out those stains". I shall enjoy my small stain removing victory!!

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  1. i cannot believe you got THAT out, or the soap did, or whatever, because when you showed us those clothes before and said you want to get them clean again i so thought, good luck with that, girl.

    and you did it.

    sard soap - i'm gonna remember that.

  2. aaah good ol Sards! We keep old toothbrushes for these types of jobs :) Glad it worked!


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