Our school holidays

We had a great 2 weeks of holidays.

A trip to Orana Park with friends.

A road trip to see Mr B's family in Dunedin. The boys travel so well!

We walked up Baldwin Street

I dropped my sunglasses at the top and the lenses fell out. The boys looked adorable wearing them!

We enjoyed being tourists!

Played Mini golf at Wal's plant land. Master W got a few hole in ones!

Master B did a great job keeping score.

The boys loved the farm. Feeding the calves, looking for eggs. brushing the horses, playing in the water and mud.

We went for a walk and the boys rode their scooters in the city. We explored and got to see the new cardboard Cathedral.

We had lots of time at home playing with friends, crafting and watching movies.

The best thing about the holidays is the memories an the fun adventures we get to have!
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  1. Sounds like a perfect holiday fortnight :) The inside of the cathedral looks so pretty x

  2. Sounds and looks great! Lovely memory building times x


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