my list of our 6 household items

I thought it would be cool to share the 6 items/fixtures we have in our home that for me make life that little bit easier, safer, healthier for our family.


Having our home warm clean and for me is really important. We now seem to be on the other side of constant trips to the doctors and sickness over the past few years. It felt like we were just constantly at the doctor. Keeping the house above 18 degrees and making sure its well ventilated and dry has now become easier with a clean heat approved heat pump and fireplace.


We were given this a few years ago when we noticed that we were getting condensation on our windows in the morning. We now have it on from the late afternoon to mornings most of the year and the magical thing we have found- NO condensation at all in our house. It saves so much time in the mornings wiping windows and its so nice knowing 1-2 litres of water isn't in our home. I have had a few people ask about our power bill and honestly we don't pay much more than normal given its actually more cost effective to heat a dry home than a damp home.


We brought clock this at Ikea when we were on holiday and it is awesome. Each side has a different function.





This is has been great as a time out timer , teaching the boys to tell the time and being able to know what temperature we have in our home.


I am so very thankful for having the space in our laundry for a dryer. It has rained so much the past few months and its not even winter yet. Rain and a backyard full of water makes it very hard to get all our washing dry. This is a life saver!!

Fire extinguisher

As you know we have two boys who are quickly becoming very independent. They can now prepare food for themselves, turn on a kettle and toaster. We have also had a new addition of our fireplace. This for me is peace of mind. We picked our one up from bunnings for less than $20.

Knowing we have one in our kitchen next to the oven at the ready gives me the confidence in the event of a small fire. We also have smoke alarms fitted in our home and have a family plan in the event of a fire.

First aid kit

This has been the best investment and so well used over the past few years. These are the items we have in ours. There are many resources on-line to guide you through what is essential in a home first aid kit or better yet buy one pre made.
We have made up our own using a clear plastic container and all these items we have needed at some point or another with two very active boys.

Triangle bandage (sling)
Sterile low adherent dressing
Sanitary Pads/Tampons
Hand wash
CPR Mask
Wound Wipes

Sterile pins
Sodium Chloride Solution
Hand Sanitizer
Arnica cream /Ibuprofen/ Betadine/Voltaren/Bepanthen
Plaster tape
Hayfever tablets
Ventolin and Spacer
Plastic bag

There are a few items in my kit that are not on a standard list and very specific to us.

*Pen- This has been so handy to write down times/dates/amounts when we have given pain relief. Doctors need to know this and its always hard to remember when you are tired and have many others things going on with sick kids.
*Ventolin + Spacer- We have two who have asthama.
*Lollipops- I have many times had a child who is crying and upset and its really hard to figure out what needs to be done. A lollipop is a really quick way to clam/distract a child or keep the other child distracted and happy.
*Sanitary pads- These are clean and sterile and can make great compression pads (we have used one before when a child cut their head and we didn't have a first aid kit on hand) and they soak up blood really well.

So his is my list of items we have in our home contribute to our lives being easier, safer and healthier. I would love to know what items you would have as your top 6 in your home.

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  1. Love this babes think it might be time for me to update ours ox

  2. Great list - I probably need a first aid kit - we just have plasters! :o) x

  3. Got most of that, thinking a dehumidifier wouldn't be a bad idea in some ways, but don't think Dh would be keen. Aside from that we've got the other things (not an Ikea clock, but the one we have is fine). Just replaced the dryer after it almost started a fire (filter had been cleaned though, so suspect it was just old). Getting heartily fed up with all the rain, we haven't flooded yet, but the lawn does and just a few houses down is not good.

  4. Great post, lots of good ideas. Have never though about having a dehumidifier in the house before. I don't have a dryer but am really wanting one come winter xo

  5. jesus christ...

    treena, i just went through your list, going "yup", "have that, too", "uhuh", "agree" and then suddenly... i got to your fire extinguisher part and, honestly, it felt like i held my breath for a moment because my eyes suddenly widened and i realised i haven't got a single fire extinguishing appliance at home! not a fire blanket, not a foam extinguisher, nothing. i've got smoke alarms, sure, but what am i going to do with a smoke alarm in case there's an actual spark and a small fire that gets loose?

    this is nuts, the fact that i've lived here for a year and a half not ever realising i haven't got an extinguisher. i am going to mitre 10 tomorrow.

    thank you dearly for reminding me.


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