we are doing the 50 Dangerous things (you should let your children do) #48

I came across this book on another blog and thought that my boys would love this. Turns out I was right!

We have put in the calender to do each week (more so they weren't constantly asking when they got to do dangerous things) and we choose a different experiment to complete as a family. Each dangerous activity explains the reasons why and what each safety concerns is and how to do each dangerous thing while being safe.

The one rule we have is you don't do any of these things without an adult present. Its about having fun but we also need to be safe.

We each took turns writing down what we thought might happen and how long it would take and how to dispose of the broken bottle.

We followed the instructions and filled the bottle.

We placed the bottle in a tray, covered it with a tea towel and placed it in the freezer

Then  we waited....... and after 12 hours the bottle hadn't exploded as such more the lid had broken and water had come out and frozen.

We were all a little disappointed that we didn't get a big bang and the bottle exploding. But it was still very exiting to be wondering when the bottle in the freezer could explode!
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  1. cool - I bet our boys would love this too!

  2. Oh cool....I love this idea - I hope you will post more from the book, I'm off to check it out :-)

  3. OMG my kids would love this book
    I am off to check it out


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