a little bit of wonderful colour swap


The lovely Miriam has organised a little bit of wonderful colour swap. The person I got was Leonie. I was emailed a list of her likes and dislikes so that helped me decide what to send.

I may have had a wee blonde moment and didn't fully read the instructions (insert agh!! sounds)

So long story short (for my lack of instruction reading ability) I am sending a wonderful parcel that is basically the rainbow- that just happens to be individually wrapped up. 

I hope what I have sent brings a smile to Leonie as she has to unwrap many colourful items (it will be just like Christmas but we just happen to be in the depths of cold dark winter months)

Happy Swapping everyone. I will do another post once I know it has arrived. Don't want any peeking!
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  1. Yay, I am sending mine out today too!

  2. well done you! She will love it I am sure xx

  3. Pretty sure that Leonie LOOOOVES rainbows, so you'll be fine! Bet she'll love the goodies that you put together for her :-)

  4. oooo - exciting!! will let you know when it arrives!!

  5. I'm almost finished putting my parcel together for my swap partner, I re-read Miriam's post and realised I hadn't read it properly the first time so needed to change a couple of things. I thing this is my favourite swap so far this year, feels like I'm putting together a really lovely pamper pack. xo


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