we are doing the 50 Dangerous things (you should let your children do) #34

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Master B's eyes lit up when he saw this dangerous thing we were going to do. Mr B found an old cellphone and a hard drive that we no longer had a use for.

We talked about some of the things we might find inside these items - screws, circuit boards, camera, wires and buttons. We also needed to work out what size screw driver we needed and in what order to start taking the items apart.

We used the old rhyme - lefty loosely and right'y tightly to undo the screws.

One of our most exciting finds was 2 very strong magnets and a metal disc that looked like a cd from the hard drive. We had to keep track of all the tiny screws we had taken out of each item to get inside.

Master B was very optimistic about putting the cellphone back together. (a job for another day)

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