new top

Back in January I made a new summer top. You can find instructions for the pattern (you can also buy the actual pattern if you didn't want to print/cut out the pattern)

I called into Haralds Fabrics and saw this fabric and love the blue/coral/cream/green combo and for this top I only need 1 metre and the fabric was less than $12.00.

This pattern is so simple to follow and with this fabric so easy make and I was much quicker the second time around.

Master W decided to be in the photos

Fits perfectly! Might need to make a few more for spring. Am I the only one wanting summer back now?

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  1. Oh my goodness this is awesome!

  2. I definitely want summer back! Knitted jerseys aren't keeping me warm enough unfortunately. Love the top; Haralds is one of my favourite fabric stores

  3. I bought this pattern in the summer but still haven't made it yet!! I'm going to transform one of graemes unwearable shirts into one, it'll have buttons down the front, hope it works! Maybe I should start thinking about spring / summer and start making now!!


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