time away

We just celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary (last month). I was so excited when everything came together so that we were able to head away.We found someone to have the boys for the night (they were so excited about this which of course makes it easier) 

We found a place to stay- just out of Christchurch. The Oaks of Darfield.

They even had a restaurant so we got to get dressed up and head downstairs and enjoy an amazing meal! (I say the best meal I have ever eaten in my life amazing- and I wanted to eat more amazing food but had already eaten way too much amazing food)

So thankful to be able to have time away. I came across this link the other day and it has some awesome suggestions for 13 ideas for a date night at home - well worth a read!
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  1. Thanks for the date night link- you look gorgeous in that photo of you with the blossom!

  2. Congrats and hoorah for a super special night away. What a treat!


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