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I have had my threads in a box for a while now. It's just so messy- a tangled mess of thread.

If you ever need inspiration for anything- there is always pintrest.

I found this storage box at bunning's. It's clear so I can see the thread inside and large enough to fit the spools I have.  I have seen actual thread storage boxes at spotlight but I didn't want to spend $25+ on thread storage.

I'm loving the rainbow effect of thread I already own. I now can find thread I need and already added black thread to my need to purchase list. I have 36 spools in the box and room for a fair few more. 

I still have a box of end of thread spools that I won't be throwing away any time soon. This thread is super handy for hand stitching projects - quilts, hoops, buttons.

A clear storage box with compartments is a pretty and cheap storage win!

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  1. Ooooo I like this idea! Mine are all jumbled in a little bag and annoys the heck out of me!


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